4th - 6th September Bray, Windsor

The Retreat

Reinvent your Imagination. Inspire a New World
A world-class mindset experience for forward-thinking recruitment leaders.

A Truly Inspirational Experience

The MembersOnly Retreat will allow you to hear from some of the World’s best, most engaging and influential speakers, who will empower you to ultimate high performance.

About The Retreat 2019

Life’s pressures and expectations often result in one-directional and muddled thinking. We believe what we’re doing is right – and, perhaps, it is – but is it our best? Is it brilliant? Is it colourful? Every working day we trudge to the office, surround ourselves with the same people, talk about the same things, going about our daily routines. But is this actually good for us? Is this good for our business? What if we stepped outside our usual world and gave time to ourselves? Time to expand our minds; time for creativity; time to learn; time to recharge and be inspired.

We operate in a world where so much emphasis is placed on commercial return, often we neglect the factors that matter most: our friends, our families and OURSELVES. But outside our microcosm, a new dawn is emerging. To stay ahead, successful businesses are investing in the people that drive and foster fortunes: Their leaders. Ambitious recruitment firms recognise that to accomplish their goals, it’s the influencers that need to be on top of their game: team managers, directors, owners, LEADERS.


Never before has the progress of personal high performance been more valuable and valued. By mastering what makes you tick, you’ll have a positive influence not only on yourself but those who might very well rely on you for their own development. Because true leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. By reinventing yourself and opening your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

So what does genuine, inspirational leadership look like? And how can you become a revered high performer? Attend this Retreat and you’ll find out, moving you toward profound personal change and acting as a driving force for your success. Because great leaders never stop learning. It is time to Reinvent Your Imagination.

The Retreat has been designed for existing leaders or those aspiring to be one. So join us for an unforgettable experience that might very well change your life.

It is time to Reinvent Your Imagination.

Why Attend?

The Retreat allows you to take time out from the rigours of your daily life and, in a luxurious setting. reset your mind. You will hear from world-class speakers on subjects designed to inspire you to performance levels you didn’t think possible. You will network with some of the most forward-thinking professionals in recruitment. You will challenge your perceived limitations and learn just how amazing you can be. You will take home skills and knowledge that will redefine how you operate in work and play. When you leave your Retreat, you will be a more inspirational leader than you are today. Guaranteed.

The Retreat will provide you with 7 weapons for success:
  • Accomplishing the impossible through disruptive transformation
  • Accepting the need to invest in your own mindset, emotional intelligence and unique skillset
  • Master story-telling and lead with such authenticity, you will never consciously lead again
  • Unleash the inner you and create an unstoppable beast
  • Embracing wellness and wellbeing for unbelievable, life-changing, results
  • Empowering teamwork for outputs so powerful, others can only dream
  • Development and elevation of ultimate high-performance
About The Oakley Court Hotel

Just a few miles from Royal Windsor Racecourse and Windsor Castle, the luxurious Oakley Court is an quintessential county house, set in stunning grounds on the River Thames. But there is a story to be told about this remarkable residence.

The Court was originally built in 1859 for Sir Richard Hall-Say and legend has it that he built it in the style of a French Chateau to comfort his homesick young French wife. Complete with imposing gargoyles, the structure of the building remains today. According to records, Oakley Court was sold to Lord Otho Fitzgerald in 1880 and for half a century was the setting of scenes for the highest of high-society. Following a couple of exchanges, in 1919 Mr Ernest Olivier purchased the property together with 60 acres of Berkshire woodland for the sum of £27,000. He was a very eccentric character who frequently entertained foreign diplomats and as a courteous gesture flew the flag of the nation they represented on the original flagpole which still stands today. It is believed that the Court was used during the last war as the English Headquarters for the French Resistance and President De Gaulle is reputed to have stayed in one of the Mansion bedrooms.

In 1955, Bray Studios moved to Down Place, just next door to Oakley Court. After Mr Olivier's death in 1965 the Court lay uninhabited. For the next 14 years it became an ideal setting for many of the films made by Southern Pictures. During this period, some 200 films were made in and around the property, most notably The Rocky Horror Show, Half a Sixpence starring Tommy Steele, Murder by Death starring Peter Sellers and, perhaps most famous of all, the Hammer Horror productions, notably Dracula.

In 1979 conversion into a hotel began and 2 years of renovation and the sum of £5 million spent on the property, Oakley Court opened its doors as a hotel. Now, complete with a packed health and fitness suite, treatment room and two tennis courts, the hotel basks in its former splendour and beautiful setting of 30 acres of landscaped gardens on the banks of the Thames.

Oakley Court ranks as of one of the outstanding hotels of this country. You are sure to be entertained and inspired in equal measures.


Hear from some of the world’s best, most engaging and influential speakers, who will empower you to ultimate high performance>

Casper Craven

Caspar Craven

Keynote Speaker and Storyteller

Casper talks about Leadership, Teamwork, Collaboration and Resilience for leadership, employee, sales & marketing and business audiences.

Hannah MacLeod MBE

Hannah MacLeod MBE

Double Olympic Medallist

Hannah MacLeod is a double Olympic medallist, with the record-breaking Great Britain Women’s hockey team, culminating in winning Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Jamil Qureshi

Jamil Qureshi

Entrepreneur, Psychologist & Author

Jamil Qureshi works with a host of celebrity sports people, as well as global businesses, and was the official psychological performance coach for the European Ryder Cup team last year.

Tom Morley

Tom Morley

Scritti Politti Founder, Team Building Guru and Conference Energiser

Tom Morley was the original drummer and a founder member of Scritti Politti, the 70s / 80s band who were pioneers of DIY music before appearing on the dance scene. Unlike other bands Scritti used to make half their songs up on stage.

Shaun Weise

Shaun Weise

RVP of Enterprise International at Bullhorn

Shaun will provide insights from retaining and developing emerging leaders that prove that millennials aren't always looking for the next best thing externally if you can provide them enough value and challenge within your own company.

Nicole Bremner

Sara Vandenberghe

Just Add Water

Sara began her career at Diageo where, during the merger of Guinness and Grand Metropolitan, she led on bringing the global functions of the new Diageo business together. She is an experienced leadership consultant and facilitator; focussing on company culture, transformational change and organization effectiveness.

Jim Lawless

Jim Lawless

The creator of Taming Tigers

Jim is founder and CEO of Taming Tigers, which works with a wide variety of blue chip clients to establish – and achieve – bold and aligned goals throughout the organisation, high performing teams and long term change in culture, mindset and performance.

Ashley Rice

Ashley Rice

Leadership Coach

Ashley is a qualified coach with a wealth of experience training and mentoring recruitment managers and directors. He was formerly a Director at Hays and Managing Director of JCW, a fast paced recruitment specialist which went through the challenges of any high growth business.

Clair Bush

Clair Bush

Strategy Director at Logic Melon

Clair is a well-connected, relationship marketing expert who has worked in all areas of international marketing: from recruitment agencies large and small to job boards and SaaS recruitment technologies. Her passion is marketing ambitious organisations, with talent and creativity in abundance

Jessica Kilkenny Roddy

Jessica Kilkenny Roddy

Sales Director at Hinterview

Jess is Sales Director at Hinterview, an industry-changing video engagement platform that allows recruitment professionals to fight against the ever-increasing technology-led erosion of their value proposition.

Darren Curtis

Darren Curtis

Sales Director at Volcanic

Darren is Sales Director at Volcanic - the Global Leader in the provision of SaaS-based Recruitment Website technology. Volcanic employ over 100 permanent members of staff spread across our core offices in Stockport, London, Kuala Lumpur, and Sydney.

Ashley Rice

Steve Barnhurst

Commercial Director at Volcanic

Steve has over 20 years of experience working within the recruitment sector with a diverse range of clients from the most dynamic start-ups to some of the largest and most well know industry brands. Steve's passion lies in helping organisations drive efficiency, improve their workflow and deliver the very best experience around their recruitment strategy.

Ashley Rice

Chris Haque

Enterprise Account Director at CloudCall

Chris has been in client-facing sales for his entire career and has enjoyed a successful track record of complex sales negotiations to C-level delegates at both SME and fortune 500 companies.


An introduction to the days events

Simon lewis

"Flow is found at the intersection of discipline and surrender". Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Tom Morley has spent 20 years researching how to get people into a state of flow quickly. He does it with humour, music and movement. Then he unpacks it for a session that will leave you blown-away and feeling top of the world.

First he describes the difference between those who get satisfaction from journeying to the goal (autotelic people) and those who don't care how they get there, they just want to achieve the goal (exotelic people). Then he asks what it took for both types of people to get involved in the first place: Courage. Lack of inhibitions. A willingness to leave your comfort zone. Taking risks in public (not easy if your self-esteem relies on being seen as an expert). A willingness to make mistakes. And, quite simply, a thirst for innovation, creativity and trying new things. All this and more comes out in the plenary discussion.

This will be a session you will never forget.

Tom Morley

This year we welcome back (by popular demand!), world renowned performance coach, Jamil Qureshi.

Having worked with six sportspeople who have got to number one in the world, last year Jamil shared psychological principles on how to maximise the potential of ourselves and the people we manage and lead.

Sharing techniques which have been used by elite business and sports people, Jamil will host a practical session where individuals get to the opportunity to personally bring to life the content and translate it into their own business.

The session will be rich with practical learning points and effective takeaways.

Jamil Qureshi

Refuel with a delightful arrangement of food and refreshments, enjoyed in the stunning riverside gardens.

Carefully-crafted industry workshops, designed to empower you with senior-level leadership knowledge and values.

Having the right culture, behaviours and mindset is absolutely at the heart of success in business today.

Join Caspar Craven in this entertaining, brilliantly practical and inspirational talk where he will show you just how you can nail it with your own teams. Caspar will share his powerful and inspiring story of how he built the family team with his wife and 3 children under the age of 10 to circumnavigate the world on a yacht.

And at the same time he will also share the tactics, tips and strategies he deployed to simultaneously build multiple successful businesses selling one for a 7 figure sum from the mid Pacific Ocean.

You will learn some fabulously useful and relevant tips and techniques, and have the opportunity, working with Caspar to develop your own strategy and approach to building your own winning, achieving and importantly, happy team.

Key messages include:
- How to get a team that operates in silos to collaborate effectively
- Why so many businesses get values wrong and what to do about it
- Strategies to uncover and harness hidden skills in your team
- How to keep cool and thriving amongst uncertainty, adversity and failure

Caspar Craven

This is time for you. Make calls, send emails, chat to new acquaintances. But we’d recommend relaxing by the river, heading to the gym or taking in a spa treatment. It’s entirely up to you.

After an action-packed day of dynamic speaker content and high-performance learning, it’s all aboard the good-ship New Queen of the Thames for a relaxing river tour around Windsor. Taking in sites including the castle, we’ll reflect on the day whilst making new acqaintences over bubbles and cocktails, during a networking experience with a difference. After much merriment we’ll dock outside the hotel, before heading for a BBQ supper.

Guests unite for a sumptuos summer soireé, with a bar and music.

2:00 PM
Being Awesome at Everything!

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Ricky Wheeler

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Michael Lambert
10:00 AM
Welcome and introduction

Day one recaps and an introduction to day two.

Simon Lewis

Experience tells us that a company without a story is a company without a strategy. Discover how senior leaders create and deliver compelling stories that shape the future of their organisations.

When it comes to choosing brands, consumers always have choices. An employee has just two; to stay or to leave. The challenge for any leader is to ensure that every employee who chooses to stay is actively playing their part in creating the success story of that organisation.

It’s a fundamental truth that everyone benefits when they are engaged, involved and having fun. Sara and the team at Just Add Water combine the performing arts, insights from the latest academic thinking and a passion for communication to create memorable, engaging experiences which empower and inspire individuals and organisations; delivering long-term, sustainable business value.

Learn how Leader harness the power of purpose and narrative in shaping culture and driving performance

Jim Lawless is one of the world’s most sought-after motivational speakers, and a pioneer in the fields of change and performance shift. He has inspired and empowered over half a million people on five continents. Author of the bestselling ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House), Jim has taught the skill of change in Global and Fortune 500 companies, Olympic and Paralympic teams, business schools and government for two decades.

A strong believer in walking his talk, Jim tested his approach to bold, fast change by becoming a televised jockey in just 12 months. At the outset he was 36, unfit, overweight, couldn’t take time off work and couldn’t even ride. To test his ideas on managing the neuroscience and physiology of fear (and fundraise), he took the British freediving record in just 8 months. He is now the first Briton to dive deeper than 100m on a single breath of air.

Jim brings passion, energy, interactivity and amusing elements to the stage creating an engagement that transforms mindsets with ease.

Jim Lawless

Refuel with a delightful arrangement of food and refreshments, enjoyed in the stunning riverside gardens.

Carefully-crafted industry workshops, designed to empower you with senior-level leadership knowledge and values.

Over a 7 year period, the Great Britain women’s hockey team systematically created a truly world class high performing team that was able to maximize the collective potential of each individual involved. The strategy employed was simple but effective. Throughout this session you’ll be introduced to the key processes employed to develop a high-performance culture, and the fundamental requirements of each individual to thrive under pressure and collaborate effectively. At the very core, sits the individual – the challenge of committing to change without a guarantee of success, accepting the need to invest in your own mindset, emotional intelligence, skills essential for collaboration and understand how and when to lead authentically.

Hannah Macleod

This is time for you. Make calls, send emails, chat to new acquaintances. But we’d recommend relaxing by the river, heading to the gym or taking in a spa treatment. It’s entirely up to you.

Guests get-together for a meal of celebration and acknowledgement of a fantastic couple of days. During the meal we’ll be holding a charity auction in aid of the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation. Last year’s Banquet Supper was a such a hit, day guests paid extra to stay and join the party. FOMO at its finest!

2:00 PM
How to build websites

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Ricky Wheeler


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Easily the best conference I have ever attended – I've attended a LOT.
Andy Hallett, Investment Director SThree
You cannot put a price on the way I felt after this event. A real game-changer.
Chloe Whitelock, Marketing Director PIE Recruitment
Unreal experience. The speakers were out-of-this world and left me feeling truly inspired.
Rohan Shah, Recruitment Agency Owner Reuben Sinclair
So refreshing to hear from people outside our industry, talking about mindset and how to achieve ultimate performance.
Penny Porter, Head of UK Recruitment Capstone Hill Search
This was an event like no other in recruitment. The attention to detail was incredible, the takeaways unreal.
Daniel Faulkner, CEO & Headhunter Arthur Financial
The speakers, the people, the production. All first-class. This wasn’t an event, it was an EXPERIENCE!
Janine Owen, Director of Marketing Search Consultancy


The MembersOnly Retreat is a unique experience designed to empower your recreational and commercial leadership mindset. So in line with the ethos, we’ve teamed up with some of the leading brands within recruitment to bring you this stunning event. Huge gratitude to: